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24 January 2020

Six podcasts to help you find your way in 2020

If you’re looking for inspiration this year, we’ve rounded up six podcasts to help you flip your thinking on your 2020 plans, whatever they look like for you. From money know-how to new skills to strategies for facing fears, these podcasts offer insights and advice straight from the mouths of people who’ve dreamt, learnt or made a swift 180 and never looked back.


By ING - Six podcasts to help you find your way in 2020 1

Seize the Yay

Sarah Holloway was a mergers and acquisitions lawyer with a side project when she decided to flip her life on its head and dedicate her attention full-time to her matcha tea company, Matcha Maiden. She’s now a self-described ‘funtrepreneur’ who loves to share her story and helps others write their own.

On her podcast, Seize the Yay, she interviews other inspirational entrepreneurs about how they find their ‘yay’ – their happiest selves living their happiest lives. Among hundreds of guests, Sarah’s spoken to Carman’s Kitchen founder Carolyn Creswell; Olympian, author and doctor Jana Pittman; and Bachelor host Osher Günsberg. If you’re looking to change course in 2020 but want to hear a few more stories from those who’ve jumped before, Seize the Yay is a great place to start listening.


By ING - Six podcasts to help you find your way in 2020 2

Equity Mates

Maybe money goals – like paying off debt, saving for a boat or building up a big holiday fund – are up top of your list of resolutions. Saving is one thing, but the world of investing? That’s a different game, and confusing jargon and unfamiliar phrases can make it feel hazy. That’s where Equity Mates comes in. Hosts and friends Bryce and Alec share financial information about investing (and its barriers) that’s easy to grasp for newbie millennials and hobbyists alike. If finding out the difference between market and intrinsic value interests you, Equity Mates is a good listen.


By ING - Six podcasts to help you find your way in 2020 3

The Pineapple Project

The Pineapple Project is an ABC podcast that “takes life’s prickly bits and makes them sweeter and easier to deal with”. In its recent third season, host Claire Hooper and guest experts tackle tidying with no filter. They dig into laundry systems, paperwork, kitchen clutter and the shame we tie to stuff. After you’re done binging on the third season, scroll back through the archives for more practical advice on networking, money, dealing with bad bosses, nailing job interviews and quitting jobs when they’re not quite the right fit.


By ING - Six podcasts to help you find your way in 2020 4

All in the Mind

If you’re tempted to hit refresh on elements of your life just because it’s the start of a new year, big changes can require a major adjustment of your habits and behaviours.

On ABC Radio National’s All in the Mind, host Lynne Malcolm uses her background in science and psychology to explore the mental elements that make us act and think as humans. One recent episode explored how our brain helps us like the music we like and how our relationship with music changes as we age. Another episode, on facing fears, could help you start 2020 addressing the things that normally hold you back.


By ING - Six podcasts to help you find your way in 2020 5

Routines and Ruts

You’ve had the big idea. You’ve made the idealistic to-do list. You’ve hit the first stumbling block. Now comes a rut you can’t get out of, or a setback that sends you off-course. But here’s the good news: a brand-new podcast from Extraordinary Routines asks talented and successful people to share how they escaped the lows and chased new highs.

No matter what new venture or creative project you’ve got on your plate, each episode of Routines and Ruts will arm you with practical tips. Whether it’s pre-empting (and avoiding) the lull that comes after achieving a big goal or giving advice on how to structure a productive day, guests – like singer and entrepreneur Clare Bowditch and author and screenwriter Benjamin Law – share it all.


By ING - Six podcasts to help you find your way in 2020 6

She’s on the Money

Money has historically affected women’s lives in very specific ways – from maternity leave to the wage gap. She’s on the Money changes that narrative by offering “fool-proof tips for financial freedom” aimed at women.

Led by money expert Victoria Devine, the podcast’s hosts tackle the ins and outs of investing, tax, debt, pensions and property from a female perspective. Episodes explore questions like ‘How much can we really afford to travel in our twenties?’ and ‘Why does it feel like our friends and the people we follow on Instagram have more money than we do?’. The advice on offer has been assembled by qualified accountants and financial advisers to ensure women forge healthy and successful relationships with their cash every day of the year.

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