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Tech Talk – The Future of Banking

When you think about technology – what does it mean to you? Most likely it’s your camera, music player, personal shopper, gym trainer, travel agent and your bank. Many of us don’t even use our phones to call people anymore!

Digital innovation moves at a lightning pace and we can’t help but get excited about what the future holds. Imagine sexier banking apps, customer service through chat bot, virtual reality shopping malls and, of course, hover boards. We love future gazing, and some of these ideas are already becoming a reality. That’s why we’ve made forward-thinking changes to your online banking platform, with features that help you get ahead.

You’re the Expert

Let’s face it, our lives are basically run online, whether it’s through our devices on-the-go or at home. In fact, our customers (that’s you) are among the most digitally engaged in the world, so it should come as no surprise that when we looked to upgrade our online banking we took note from more than 16,000 of the savviest bankers we know*; our customers.

We know that people don’t want to be slowed down by something as routine as banking. Your experience should reflect the way you work in the real world, so additions like a better banking website serve to take steps in that direction.

You Spoke, We Listened

We conducted an International Mobile Banking survey** and more than 60% of our Aussie customers who responded to the survey said that mobile banking improved the way they managed their finances, helping to avoid natural slip-ups. Bad habits such as ‘saving procrastination’ can be avoided by making certain decisions – that trip overseas won’t pay for itself! Our job is to help you make better money choices by putting you in control of your finances from anywhere, at any time (even if it’s a seat in first class).

Online banking should be first and foremost convenient; in fact, of all ING customers surveyed across the world**, 19% said they log on via desktop every day and 12% use their mobile bank app on a daily basis. We’re continually multi-screening too, watching the latest episode of [insert cooking show here], searching ‘how to make gravy from scratch’ and simultaneously transferring funds for sushi-making lessons. That’s why we’ve designed our online banking platform with a seamless experience from laptop, to tablet or mobile, making it easier for you to get things done quickly and precisely, like a perfect morsel of sashimi.

We all love a good splurge and online shopping is nothing new, 49% of our Aussie customers surveyed** have bought clothing, tech and groceries (amongst other goodies) from their mobile or tablet in the last 12 months. We wanted to make sure you could see savings and ‘spendings’ in one quick glance, so that as you and your favourite stores change, your bottom line doesn’t.

Together We Made Your Banking Better

We now have an online banking platform with features that mirror the experience you’ve asked for. We’re taking a real-time view of all money going in and out, plus online customer service, so you can identify and solve little queries easily. The ability to set a notification if your account gets low ensures you never have that ‘insufficient funds’ blushing moment at the register. You can now also change the settings of your cards at a moment’s notice online, so when you misplace your wallet down the side of the car seat you can pause, then un-pause your cards when your better half finds it. Simple stuff that makes us better functioning people.

By making the setup of online banking about you, you can effectively forget branches and tellers – everything you need to know about your finances can now be found in an instant and in the way that suits your lifestyle best.

Onwards, to the future!

Already our relationship with our phones and devices has evolved so much. We can’t promise you a hover board (yet), but we’re on our way.  We love to hear from you, which is why we’ve included a feedback feature in our new site, to allow us to listen and continually make improvements quickly, keeping up with the changing needs of our digitally savvy people. Check out our new features, let us know what you think, and keep ahead of the curve together.

*ING DIRECT had over 16,000 customers volunteer to help them with the new online banking prototype. Many of these customers gave ING DIRECT their own personal feedback on the new site during late 2015 till March 2016.

**ING International Survey on ‘Mobile Banking’ (July 2016). The survey was conducted by Ipsos on behalf of ING between 18 March 2016 and 6 April 2016 using internet-based polling involving 14,579 respondents in 15 nations including Australia. About 1,000 respondents were surveyed in each country, apart from uxembourg, with 500. 

***Global Retail Banking Cross-sell – 2015 Australia Release- Among Australian banks it is ING Direct that leads the pack with 51% of customers highly digitally engaged.

Find out all you need to know about ING's mobile banking.

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