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17 July 2019

The new Dreamstarters have arrived…

Thanks to your support, we’re delighted to announce that all nine Dreamstarters have achieved their funding goal – now they’re well on their way to making a positive change in our communities.

By turning their social business dream into a reality, these entrepreneurs are helping to build positive social and environmental change – from organic underwear that’s donated to the homeless, to transforming recycled plastic into activewear.

Our new Dreamstarters

Meet theotherstraw

Blog ING - The new Dreamstarters have arrived - Crowdfunding The Other Straw

By hitting their funding goal of $10K, theotherstraw are on their way to launching a new product range beyond straws to help fight plastic pollution.

Since launching theotherstraw in 2018, we’ve kept millions of single-use plastic straws out of our landfills and our oceans.

theotherstraw was born from Jamie and Len’s devotion to the ocean and eagerness to address plastic pollution. With 8 million tons of plastic being dumped into our oceans every year, our marine life is swallowing more plastic than ever before. Theotherstraw are here to uphold a beautiful, clean Australia, turning the tide on plastic pollution and protecting our beautiful oceans and natural environments.


Meet Byron Bay Bath Bombs

Blog ING - The new Dreamstarters have arrived - Byron Bay Bath Bombs

By hitting their funding goal of $8K, Byron Bay Bath Bombs scale up their organic bath products to reach more people and help preserve Australia’s largest rainforest.

Our Dream is to educate people about The Big Scrub rainforest, the native ingredients our body scrub, living a waste-free life and returning to nature.

The Big Scrub is a product dreamt up by Emma Louise. The product is a chemical free body scrub using by-products and native plant extracts from the Northern Rivers of Australia. The idea of this project is to sustainably source native ingredients and use waste products to create a luscious big body scrub, whilst educating people about the Big Scrub Rainforest and its remnants in Australia.


Meet #GoKindly

Blog ING - The new Dreamstarters have arrived - Go Kindly

By hitting their funding goal of $20K, #GoKindly are able to get a workspace to grow and help more vulnerable women and children experiencing homelessness.

When we sell 4 Pillows we can provide 1 night’s accommodation to a woman experiencing homelessness.

#GoKindly was founded by Laura and David Conti. They’ve had a combined 35 years in business and finance, and are using their skills to build a business to support charities helping women experiencing homelessness. They have worked in the city and watched the homelessness increase year after year. Instead of feeling powerless, they created #GoKindly to combat this.


Meet Sensory Concerts

Blog ING - The new Dreamstarters have arrived - Sensory Concerts

By hitting their funding goal of $5K, Sensory Concerts are able to create CDs of selected pieces from their concerts so families can continue the experience.

The music is programmed to engage, interact, and calm your senses. We also have experienced therapists on site to support if needed.

Sensory Concerts was started by Grace Kim after her eldest son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (also known as Asperger’s Syndrome). Learning about her son’s conditions made her aware that there were very little opportunities to take her family to a public event such as a concert, due to his sensory overload of crowd, noise, and smell. So, she set out to create a space that helps reduce sensory issues in a relaxed environment.


Meet Beard Season

Blog ING - The new Dreamstarters have arrived - Beard Season

By hitting their funding goal of $25K, Beard Season can lock in three regional skin check events to bring Melanoma skin checks to those who have limited access.

Our mission is to champion the early detection of melanoma – one of the world’s deadliest cancers.

Jimmy set up Beard Season after a mate was killed by melanoma. He had no idea his mole was as bad as it was until it was too late. Something they don’t want happening again. So, every winter, Beard Season invite blokes to grow their beards and use them as life-saving conversation starters, encouraging friends and family to visit a GP or dermatologist for a skin check.


Meet Crepes for Change

Blog ING - The new Dreamstarters have arrived - Crepes for Change

By hitting their funding goal of $30K, Crepes For Change can get a new food truck to help them flip crepes and provide employment for homeless youth.

Every dollar we generate is invested into providing support for young people experiencing homelessness.

Levi, Tenille and Dan co-founded Crepes For Change with a strong brief in using the power of business to create social change and in giving the community the opportunity to be involved through everyday engagement. By selling delicious Crêpes from their gfood truck, they are able to generate crucial funds to support young people experiencing homelessness.


Meet Ahimsa Collective

Blog ING - The new Dreamstarters have arrived - Ahimsa Collective

By hitting their funding goal of $20K, Ahimsa Collective can produce a second collection and men’s range to help reduce the fashion industry’s footprint.

For those who are trendy A.F but also want the world to blow up.

Ahimsa Collective was born after Tessa and Susie met and (like all budding friendships) bonded over Rosé and a mutual love for the ocean. They had both stopped buying leather products, and were frustrated at the lack of alternatives that were ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free. So, they decided to do something about it to steer consumers towards a greener future.


Meet Team Timbuktu

Blog ING - The new Dreamstarters have arrived - Team Timbuktu

By hitting their funding goal of $20K, Team Timbuktu can expand their range with bulk production, transforming recycled plastic waste into activewear.

We’re Australian designed, ethically made and focused on fun over fitness, because we frankly don’t care about how many push-ups you can or can’t do.

Rihanna launched Team Timbuktu a year ago after hiking in Patagonia, one of the most beautiful places in the world, whilst wearing some of the ugliest clothes in the world (e.g. regular hiking clothes). Having studied design and worked in industry managing design and production, she knew it was possible to create a product that had no compromise on style, sustainability or function.


Meet The Unseen

Blog ING - The new Dreamstarters have arrived - The Unseen

By hitting their funding goal of $30K, The Unseen can produce a complete range of skin tones to promote diversity and donate 200 pairs to Brisbane Youth Service.

We don’t believe in painting with one colour, so why would our underwear be that way?

Caitlyn founded The Unseen after some simple questioning: why the absurd lack of underwear skin tone options available in ‘nude’? And, why the abundance of synthetic underwear and chemically-infused cotton? When an industry is all too dismissive of our human diversity and the toxic concoction of pesticides, petroleum and heavy metals our most sensitive are becoming exposed to- it needs a shake up.

By ING - The new Dreamstarters have arrived
Visit the ING Dreamstarter to meet the new Dreamstarters.


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