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30 August 2017

Five unlikely bucket list destinations

No one likes missing out on the things they love, but when it’s put in perspective of a bucket list ticking future, it makes it a whole lot easier. By ditching some of our unessential small indulgences, we can make those post-work-life dreams become a reality. Which means, we can have our cake and eat it too.

We’ve used this handy tool from The Super Guru to calculate the potential savings from giving up a small amount each week or month and instead, investing it into a superannuation fund.* Here’s the top five places on our bucket list for future travels and a few suggestions on how to get there with small sacrifices.



While your mind tends to wander to sunshine and beaches at the word ‘vacation’, the icy plains of Antarctica are becoming an increasingly popular adventure destination among Australians. By cutting down on one dinner out a week, you could be cruising the Antarctic Peninsula, meals included, for 20 days past penguin colonies, surrounded by icebergs that look like glistening castles and hiking up the hills of glaciers.

Super savings from one less dinner out a month: $35 a month / $23,483 total in your super



If the end of working 9 to 5 looks like a whole lot of outdoor activities, then Nepal and it’s Himalayas are the place for you. Home to Mt Everest and smaller mountain treks, wildlife safaris and river rafting, there are endless ways to spend your free time. Two months in Nepal could be achieved by cutting out one “it’s 3pm and I’m bored” supermarket snack on a weekday.

Super savings from one less snack per week: $2.50 per week / $7,268 total in your super



Swap one stepping-out to the cinema visit a month for some staying-in Netflix time and you could spend a month out exploring the cultural and historical wonders of Argentina. For those with a wild side there’s white water rafting down the breathtaking Iguazu Waterfalls or you can explore the Andes mountain ranges. Alternatively, take your time to learn how to tango or head to Mendoza for the wine experience of your life.

Super savings from one less trip to the cinema per month: $18 a month/ $12,077 total in your super


Galapagos Islands

If you’re hitting up your local coffee shop on the regular to get some fresh air out of the office, imagine a holiday exploring the Galapagos aboard a sailing boat. By avoiding your third flat-white-to-go of the day, you could be crawling through lava tunnels, or jumping off the rocky cliffs of Las Grietas. The islands are a haven for wildlife so you could be snorkelling with sea lions and marine iguanas after your daily fresh cup of coffee.

Super savings from one less coffee per day: $3.80 per day / $77,602 total in your super



Next time you think about buying one more wine or beer at the pub, quench your thirst by imagining yourself riding a camel through the Gobi Desert. Dabble in the nomadic lifestyle and sleep in a ger or climb the Khongor sand dunes for panoramic views of the desert and a chance to find your own oasis.

Super savings from one less beer or wine per week: $10 per week / $29,074 total in your super


The devil is in the detail, so next time you think about having one more beer at the pub after work or buying that chocolate because you’re waiting in line at the supermarket, imagine your future-self snorkelling in the Galapagos or wine tasting in Argentina and make a smart choice with your super by adding a little extra.

*Calculations made using calculator and based on a 38 year-old putting an additional amount each month (as indicated in each representation) assuming 5%pa growth over 27 years. The figures provided by the calculator are based on a series of assumptions and are general illustrations only.


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