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24 November 2020

Have a happy (not spenny) holidays: 6 ways to spend less this festive season

The 2020 holiday season is just about here, if you can believe it (we can and can’t at the same time). After all this year has thrown our way, we’ve been thinking that this season might be the perfect opportunity to do things a little differently – still splurging on fun, but saving on dollars. Here are our six tips for spending less this holiday season without compromising on a jolly good time.

1. Get into the second-hand market

The second-hand economy is booming thanks to platforms like Depop, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and eBay. If you’re thrifty and persistent, you can use these platforms to snag a bargain present or three (protip: set keyword alerts so you don’t miss out on great deals). Plus, buying second-hand goes a long way towards a more sustainable holiday season.

If you’re not having any luck finding presents, don’t despair. Just flip your mentality and become a seller. Those old clothes you don’t wear anymore, the neglected surfboard in the shed, the fancy blender you bought for that ill-fated juice cleanse? They’re practically money in your pocket. Declutter and you could cash in.

2. Set a spending limit

A lot of the festive season is about indulgence, and that can stress your bank balance (not to mention your personal trainer). All those drinks, dinners, presents and parties add up pretty quickly.

Still, that doesn’t mean you need to live like Ebenezer Scrooge. Consider opening a separate bank account that’s solely dedicated to your holiday budget. For example, if you’re an eligible Orange Everyday customer, did you know that you can open (and nickname) up to nine separate Savings Maximiser accounts to help you reach your savings goals faster? Keeping your festive fund separate from your savings and everyday spending money can help you see where your holiday money is going – and how much you have in the stocking along the way.

3. Make DIY decorations and presents

Instead of buying a whole new set of decorations this year, re-use last year’s. It’s a thrifty and sustainable option for a time of year that can be pretty wasteful. Or buy some plain baubles and host a DIY decoration crafternoon. Even if you only make a few ornaments this year and a few the next, over time your collection will grow – and the sentiment behind each ornament will too.

You could also dabble in DIY present-making. Wouldn’t you be impressed if someone handmade you a gift? Surprise your loved ones with something more meaningful than socks and jocks: think framed photos, paintings or homemade candles.

4. Shop for sales

If you’re a little organised (and if you’re reading this, you probably are) you can save a virtual sleigh’s worth of money by shopping smarter in the lead-up to the holidays.

Black Friday (27 November this year) and Cyber Monday (30 November) are getting more and more popular in Australia each year, which means there’s ample opportunity to score deep discounts on popular pressies before you hit the December madness. Make a list of presents early (and check it twice), and keep an eye out for sale savings that’ll keep your coffers full.

Just FYI in case you’re browsing sales on online stores – if you’re an eligible Orange Everyday or Orange One customer, we’ll rebate the ING International Transaction fees. The rebate offer will apply for the next calendar month if you do the following during the current calendar month –  deposit $1,000 or more from an external bank account to any personal ING account in your name (excluding Living Super and Orance One), such as your Orange Everyday account, as well as make 5+ settled (fully processed and not pending) card purchases using your ING debit or credit card. A cash advance fee applies for any cash advance with Orange One. See below for more information on our rebate offers.

5. Compare prices

Sales aside, it’s a good idea to compare prices across the market to get the best deal. There are a bunch of tools and platforms out there that can help make this easy – and help you avoid the crowds. If you’re shopping in-store, try the ShopSavvy app, where you can view an item that’s for sale across different stores by scanning its barcode with your smartphone. If you’re searching online, Google Shopping lets you compare prices of online and physical retailers to help you track down a bargain.

6. Save on travel

Getting away for a summer break is an Australian holiday tradition, but you don’t need to blow your budget on a lavish holiday experience.

This year, why not mix things up and try a road-trip-and-camping adventure? Apps like Wikicamps let you quickly find free campsites around Australia, while the crowd-sourced Fuel Maps Australia will point you in the direction of the cheapest fuel.

And don’t forget about day-tripping. ‘Tis the perfect time to plot out a few nice spots close to home and be a tourist in your own backyard. If you’re up for it, you could set out on your bike instead of the car to save on travel expenses entirely (well, except for the snacks).

So there you have it: our top six tips for doing things a bit differently with your money this silly season – without scrimping on the fun. Happy spend-less holidays!



Before making any decision in relation to an Orange Everyday or Savings Maximiser, you should read the relevant Terms and Conditions booklet and the Orange Everyday Fees and Limits Schedule available at To view these documents you may need Adobe Acrobat. If you have a complaint, please call us on 133 464 at any time as we have procedures in place to help resolve any issues you may have.


Rebate Offers for Orange Everyday, Orange One and Orange One Platinum Customers

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Global ATM Rebate:

  • for ATMs in Australia – any ATM fee charged by the ATM operator is rebated immediately following the transaction,
  • for ATMs outside Australia – ING will rebate the International ATM withdrawal fee of $2.50 immediately after it is charged and rebate any ATM fee charged by the ATM operator at settlement of the transaction. While the transaction is pending the amount of the acquirer fee will be deducted from your available balance and will be reinstated after the transaction is finalised. ATM transactions outside Australia can take up to 5 business days to finalise.

ING International Transaction Fee Rebate:

  • for ING International Transaction Fees – ING will rebate the ING International Transaction Fee of 2.5% of the amount of the international transaction immediately after it is charged. Merchants may charge you a separate fee for their services (which is not rebated under this offer).

Eligibility requirements to receive the Global ATM Rebate and ING International Transaction Fee Rebate Offers – You must  perform the following  during the current calendar month to receive benefit of the above rebates next calendar month:

  • deposit at least $1,000 from an external bank account to any personal ING account in your name (excluding Living Super and Orange One), and
  • also make at least 5 card purchases^that are settled+ (fully processed and not at a ‘pending status’) using your ING debit or credit card (excluding ATM withdrawals, balance enquiries, cash advances and EFTPOS cash out only transactions).

^Card purchases includes in store credit or EFTPOS purchases, online purchases, regular card payments, payWave, Apple Pay, and Google Pay transactions made with an Orange Everyday Visa card, Orange One or Orange One Platinum Visa card or Nil Interest Visa card provided with an eligible ING home loan.
+When using the phrase ‘settled‘ card purchases in a calendar month, we mean that the purchases made on your card must be fully processed by the end of the last day of that month. Card purchases made in store or online this current calendar month which are at a ‘pending status’ and do not settle until the next calendar month do not count towards the 5 card purchases needed this current calendar month.

When determining if you are eligible under the offer, we also take into account the behaviour of any of your joint account holders or additional cardholders.

Where eligibility is satisfied, the offer will apply to:

  • all Orange Everyday accounts held in your name (either single or joint account), and
  • all Orange One and Orange One Platinum accounts held in your name (including in respect of any additional cardholder).

The ING cash advance fee for Orange One and Orange One Platinum customers is not rebated under this offer.

This offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time at ING’s sole discretion.


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