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4 November 2016

Money tips we learned from the movies

If you’ve ever wanted to speed down a busy street in your own Batmobile, or ‘make it rain’ with dollar bills, odds are you’re not alone. There is a lot we can learn about finance from our favourite flicks. We’ve pulled together a list of the most ridiculous as well as seriously killer lessons taught by Hollywood.


#1. Confessions of a Shopaholic: Take control of your budget

Touchstone Pictures via GIPHY

The queen of shopping Rebecca Bloomwood, aka our dear friend Isla, teaches us many invaluable lessons in this movie. A good tip for the memory bank is that freezing your credit card in a block of ice will curb your impulse spending habits. Although be warned, by literally freezing your account you’ll have to resort to desperate measures in emergency situations.

#2. Cinderella: Work first, play later

Walt Disney Productions via GIPHY

This girl is not your average princess. Cinderella paves the way and reminds us of the importance of a good work-ethic. If there’s one thing true about the saying, ‘work hard, play hard’, it’s that the work comes first.

Cinderella may have become the belle of the ball overnight, but she put in the hard yards for a long time and earned her glass slipper, unlike her evil stepsisters. We think Cindy is worth keeping in mind next time you don’t feel like getting out of bed!


#3. Jerry Maguire: If you work hard enough, you can make anything happen

Gracie Films via GIPHY
There’s a lot to learn from the flick that spawned one of the most iconic money-related movie quotes of all time. One of many valuable lessons taken from this movie is that even when all odds are stacked against you, if you work hard enough you can make anything happen.

Jerry doesn’t have an easy time trying to be the good guy in the sports industry, but he perseveres at every step, and with that amount of work ethic, you know they had to eventually show him the money.


#4. Aladdin: Consider where to make your wishes stretch

Walt Disney Pictures via GIPHY

We have more in common with this prince then what first comes to mind. Like Aladdin, we all have finite budgets to work with, but it doesn’t need to stop you from achieving your wildest dreams.

Aladdin mapped out where he needed to be and planned his wishes accordingly. Make a plan and budget in a way that leaves room to achieve your goals. We’re guessing you don’t have a genie in a magic bottle, so in this case the key is compromise.


#5. Legally Blonde: Small steps become big leaps over time

Type A Films via GIPHY

 Elle Woods can be looked to for many life lessons, including the legendary ‘bend and snap’. One of the most valuable lessons she offered is that you need to believe in yourself to make your dreams come true.

Be patient with yourself, you may start with baby-steps, however you’ll be running in no time. This can be applied to your saving plan too – although you may start with a small amount, your cash monies will grow over time and eventually you’ll reach your goal.


#6. Any Bond film: Treat yo self

Eon Productions via GIPHY

James Bond puts in as hard a grift as the best of us, and he reaps the rewards at every turn. Luxury cars, vodka martinis (shaken, not stirred) and all the latest tech gadgets are a staple of this secret agent.

Through each and every assignment, James gets the job done. But he knows that when you’ve earned some time to yourself, it’s important to sit back in a five star hotel room with the finest bottle of champagne and have a little Bond time.

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