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6 September 2018

How to balance wants and needs in your budget

Let’s say you’re walking past a restaurant and you see your favourite burger place has a special on. Buying it would take you slightly over your weekly food budget. But it would really hit the spot…

When starting out your savings journey, it’s important to have the skills to tell the difference between something that will be a worthwhile investment and something that is just instant gratification. That’s not to say you can’t ever buy things that you want – but it means you’ll be able to splurge on things every now and then without throwing off your budget.

Here’s how to master the balance between wants and needs and save in the long run.

Identifying wants vs needs

The first step is to make a list of everything you purchase…and we mean everything.

Include food, online expenses such as Netflix and Spotify, clothes and anything else you spend money on. You can make the list in a word doc or write it out by hand if this helps you – or Excel for easy calculations for those formula geeks.

Divide your purchases into categories, such as “Entertainment.” Then label each category as either a necessity or a want. Necessities are things that you need purchase as part of your life. Think transport expenses, or lunch at the canteen. Wants are things that you don’t necessarily need to get by. We’ve included a few examples of each category below.

By ING - How to balance wants and needs in your budget 1

Once you have your different categories sorted, work out a 50/30/20 budget for each month. This means you allocate 50 per cent of your pay to necessities, 30 per cent to your wants, and 20 per cent to savings.

By ING - How to balance wants and needs in your budget 2

When you’re living at home, you’ll have less “necessities” like groceries and bills, so you can tweak your budget to suit your lifestyle. When you move out of home, keeping up this habit really helps as you will need to handle bills, rent and other expenses.

How to resist instant gratification

A good way to go is to automate your savings so you always have 20 per cent (or whatever amount you choose) going into your savings and you’re easily able to limit day to day spending. You can learn how to do this here.

Also, try creating a rewards system for yourself as a challenge. Delay spending on wants based purchases until the last week of the month and see how much you save, then reward yourself with a single purchase from one of the categories you placed in your “wants” list in the earlier step (providing it’s within your budget).

Working hard and saving for the things you want can also make you appreciate them more.

How to save on instant gratification

Keep in mind, you don’t always have to resist instant gratification. If you feel like you need an instant gratification hit, there are ways to save while getting a similar experience.

  • Try thrift shopping instead of adding another sale item to cart. You can often find something more unique and it will be much cheaper.
  • Instead of going out to the cinema, host a movie night at home with friends.
  • Feel like some fast food? Take a look at some recipe sites as they sometimes have cheap ways you can make similar dishes at home. You’ll probably end up making bigger portions, which means more leftovers.
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