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5 June 2023

Beating winter’s chills and bills

5 efficient ways to warm your home this winter

When winter’s approaching and energy costs are rising, it’s time to be smart about how to stay warm at home without losing your cool when you get your next bill. So here’s 5 efficient ways to save at home this winter without getting hot under the collar.

1. Keep the heat you pay for inside

Little draughts can cost you a lot of money – up to 25% of your heating bill, in fact. To reduce heat loss, seal up gaps around your windows, doors and where your floors and walls meet. Also, close internal doors so you’re only heating the rooms you’re using.

2. Close the window on heat loss

With up to 40% of a home’s heating lost through windows, investing in insulated curtains and blinds can help make a big difference to your warmth and bills. Thermal film can also be a cost-effective fix to make your existing windows more energy efficient.

3. Stop your heat and bills from rising

Because heat also rises (remember?), installing ceiling insulation can help reduce the amount of winter heat escaping through your roof too by 25 to 35%. Just make sure the insulation you choose meets Australian standards.

4. Switch to a water-efficient showerhead

While everyone loves a hot shower in winter, heating water can make up a big chunk of your energy bill – 23% on average, in fact. A water-efficient showerhead is a low-cost way to help save on water. Better still, they’re so easy to install you can probably DIY…or just ask dad.

5. Set and forget the temp

A programmable thermostat is also a handy tool for controlling energy costs. Set it to warm your home when you need it and automatically turn off when you turn in or you’re away. Just remember: every degree increase can increase your energy consumption by 5 to 10%.


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