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27 November 2023

Getting your house in order for the year ahead

8 handy hacks for organising your home for the new year

Why wait for spring to spring clean? A new year also means new beginnings. And what
better place to start than where you spend most of your time! So here’s 8 handy hacks to
help get your home in order so it’s more functional and enjoyable for the year ahead.

1. Get rid of the clutter

The first step to organising your home is to get rid of any unnecessary clutter. Go through your belongings and decide what to keep, donate or throw away. Then organise the things you’ve decided to keep into designated spaces.

2. Cut down on energy use

With a new year also come new resolutions, and living more sustainably is a great one. Consider switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs, turning off appliances at the wall when not in use and setting thermostats to regulate your home’s temperature.

3. Focus on indoor air quality

Indoor air quality can have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing. So as well as opening windows for fresh air more regularly, make sure you clean any air conditioner filters regularly and even consider investing in an air purifier.

4. Create a plan for cleaning

A cleaning plan can help you stay on top of your household chores. Decide on a schedule for daily, weekly and monthly tasks, and assign them to different family members or housemates. Gold stars could help too!

5. Improve your home office

With more people working from home, it’s essential to have a functional and comfortable home office. Consider investing in ergonomic furniture, organising cables and creating a clutter-free workspace.

6. Design for entertainment

The new year also brings new opportunities for entertaining. Consider designing your space to accommodate guests, whether it’s creating a cosy living room or a functional dining area that can fit your fam and friends.

7. Try at least one DIY project

DIY projects can add personality and function to your home. Plus they don’t have to cost the earth. Consider repurposing old furniture, creating wall art or building shelving to display your favourite things.

8. Pay attention to neglected areas

Finally, don’t forget those less-visible areas of your home like the ‘spare room’. These spaces can easily become cluttered, so make it a priority to tidy them up. It’s not only help to create more useable space but a more peaceful home too.

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